Nobody does it better...

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit - P.G. Wodehouse

Is anyone better at farce than P.G. Wodehouse?  I've looked high and low, but have found no one.  


This time out, Bertie Wooster finds himself once more in peril of engagement to Florence Craye, in fear of his life from Stilton Cheesewright, and in danger of seeing his only worthy aunt lose a business deal with Lemuel Gengulphus Trotter ("some dirty work pulled at the font, Jeeves".)  Making matters worse, a moustache has come between Bertie and Jeeves, leaving young Wooster without his counselor and confidant.  Fortunately, Bertie is left to his own devices just long enough for us to enjoy the mayhem before Jeeves, that bird of the ripest intellect, exerts the old cerebellum and sets everything right once more.  


A great book from a great author.  I recommend it to everyone who wants or needs a good laugh.