Ye Are the Body

Ye Are the Body - Bonnell Spencer "Ye Are the Body" is a good introduction to Christian church history. Mr. Spencer begins with the apostolic age and moves on through the major eras of Western History to land in firmly in 20th century America. In this survey he touches on the church fathers, the Roman Empire, the divided empire, the rise of Europe, the Medieval, Renaissance, and Enlightenment eras, and Modernity. It contains the important names, dates, and events, as well as most of the theological developments, major and minor, orthodox and heretical. Spencer was an Anglican and appears to have had strong Roman Catholic sympathies, so it comes as no surprise that "Ye Are the Body" casts both traditions in the best possible light. Other traditions do not fare as well. In particular, Spencer does not seem to have had much regard for Calvin or the denominations that follow his theology. This is not a critique as much as an observation. "Ye Are the Body" is organized in a manner that is easy to follow, and it avoids being as dry as dust. For that last point alone, Mr. Spencer deserves much credit. I can recommend it highly to anyone who is looking to discover more about the history of the church, and when, how, and why her traditions developed.