Four Faultless Felons

Four Faultless Felons - G.K. Chesterton Is it possible to hang a man in order to keep him from being hung? Or commit perjury in order to keep from being perjured? These are the questions asked by Chesterton in this collection of novellas. They form a hybrid of sorts between his pure detective stories in the Father Brown tradition and his "Club of Queer Trades". The "Four Faultless Felons" are four men who all share one peculiar trait: they are each guilty of crimes that they intentionally committed for the purpose of preventing an even worse crime. They are technically guilty but spiritually innocent. It is a deeply Christian theme, something which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Chesterton. The four novellas are full to the brim with Chesterton's sparkling wit, ingenious turns of phrase, and depth of spiritual insight. They are delightfully entertaining for those who just need a little brain-candy, but will also reward the most thorough analysis. I highly recommend them.