Joy in the Morning

Joy in the Morning - P.G. Wodehouse Nobody is better at pure farce than Wodehouse. “Joy in the Morning” is one of the entries in the Wooster/Jeeves series and is the source of the famous “Steeple-Bumpleigh Horror” to which Bertie frequently alludes in other books. Wodehouse recycled the same plot through nearly 90 books, but somehow it never grows old or stale. His gift with language and character keeps the stories fresh no matter how many times you read them. In "Joy in the Morning" there are sundered hearts that must be reunited, a brush with marriage to Florence Craye (a fate worse than death), machinations between an uncle and a businessman, and, of course, the inimitable Jeeves (a bird of the ripest intellect) who always manages to save the day for the hapless Bertie. A reviewer once quipped that " is impossible to be unhappy while reading Wodehouse..." I must agree. I can never read his books without laughing loud and long.