Move over Sherlock!

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The Complete Brigadier Gerard -  Arthur Conan Doyle

The Brigadier Gerard may be one of A.C. Doyle's most fully realized characters.  Unlike Holmes, who, delightful as he is, is two dimensional at best, the Brigadier is a fully fleshed out man with all of the baggage that goes along with it.  As he sits in his cafe surrounded by friends sipping wine, spinning yarns about his old days in the Great Army, Gerard has more than a little in common with Mr. Mulliner of the Angler's Rest.  His stories range from laugh-out-loud comic, to deeply tragic, to the silently poignant, but at the center of them all are the stirring adventures of the Brigadier, "all spurs and mustaches, with never a thought beyond women and horses."  He will win your admiration and your affections if you give him the chance.  Highly recommended.